Onot river

Every summer Tomass Marnics is organizing the kayak trip to one of the most amazing places on Earth – land of high waterfalls and pristine nature! Summer 2014 is going to be SPECIAL – we want to paddle probably the hardest river in this part of Russia – Onot river!
In this journey you will see everything – the deep canyons, big volume rapids, turquoise rivers, big waterfalls, an abundance of fish, berries and mushrooms. This is a real 10 days long adventure, far from civilization, and work problems. During this trip you will learn all the nuances of the expedition kayaking, different tactics and techniques, as well as put your strength to test.

This is going to be a 10 days long self supported adventure, far from civilization and people. No roads, no shops, no cars. We have to get from point “A” to point “B”. During this trip we will paddle one of the most exciting rivers in this part of Russia – Onot river.

Our plan is to paddle 2 rivers in Sayan Mountains, lake Baikal area. Onot river and maybe one of it’s tributary Uzino river. The Onot river is medium volume river with good amount of steep rapids and waterfalls. Some of the waterfalls were never been run before.
Uzino river is left tributary of Onot river. There is no information about this river and our plan is to explore this small creek and maybe paddle it.

Difficulty of whole trip is class V. Good steep creeking kayaking skills required!!!

Requirements to participants:
The whitewater experience of class V and higher.

You have to take the flight from your place to–>Moscow–>Irkutsk and the same way back. Tomass Marnics will meet you in Irkutsk and we’ll drive to the put-in of the Onot river. After 10 days we will reach the first village where will be the meeting point with our vans. Tomass Marnics in charge from airport to airport.

Off-road experience:
On our way to Onot river we will be using one of the best off-road trucks in the world – 6 wheel drive military truck Ural. This car doesn’t need a road and will blow your mind with its driving potential.

You have to come with your own paddling gear. You can bring your own kayak, or rent it from us.
The options we’ve got:

  • Pyranha Burn M
  • Pyranha Burn L
  • Pyranha Shiva M
  • Pyranha Everest

Camp equipment:
We cook on the fire and sleep under the tarps. We will bring all the food with us, but as well there is an amazing fishing in this area. If you don’t have the experience in expedition kayaking, download a list of stuff what you have to have in this kind of adventures. But make sure that all your equipment fits in your boat. No raft support in this trip, all your gear you have to carry by yourself.


  • July 22nd – August 2nd 2014
    *Take an account that first and last days are arrival and departure days.

The group will be not bigger than 11 people. We don’t know at the moment who will come on this trip, but 100% this will be super international group of people which makes this trip even more interesting.

850 EUR per person.

The price includes:

  • transfer from the airport to the river and back
  • off-road truck rent
  • satellite phone rent
  • accommodation in Irkutsk (2 nights)
  • registration in migration card
  • guide and safety kayaker on the river
  • trip organization
  • meals during the trip
  • camping equipment (tarps, cooking pots)
  • permit to enter the border zone with Mongolia (we are not going to Mongolia, just on the way to put-in the road is going close to the border and you need the permit for this)
  • cabins and sauna in the end of the trip
  • invitation for the Russian visa (if needed)

Price does not include – air fare(flight), medical insurance, visa, alcohol

Normally it’s pretty warm and dry at this time of the season. Average temp. is +18+22 during the day and around +10 at night.

In last years we have done many successful trips and know everything how to make it perfect and memorial for anyone who will take part in this adventure.

So, if you are ready for the real expedition and are strong enough to paddle steep creeking class IV-V then fill out the form (download here) and send us an email info@tomassmarnics.com and get ready for the amazing trip.

For any questions please contact us on info@tomassmarnics.com
See you in Sayan Mountains!


Photos of Onot river: